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Avoid the Snack Attack!

Healthy snacking may seem impossible when you’re working from home. All your favorite snacks (healthy and unhealthy) are mere steps away and can seem to call your name when the mid-afternoon slump sets in.  One of our favorite tricks to snacking healthy through the day is to prepare pre-portioned snacks to enjoy through the week. When you prep at the start of the week you’re more likely to limit the snacks throughout the week as you watch your supply dwindle. How you portion snacks make a big difference! Keep measured reusable bowls and containers on hand to avoid over sized snacking and also eliminate waste at the same time. It’s a win-win!

One of my favorite way to pre-portion all kinds of snacks - yogurt, trailmix or even smoothies - is with these 8oz glass mason jar. They can be used for a variety of snacks (or crafts) and dishwasher safe is a must for our house. 

These 2 sided snack containers are a dream for prepping things like hummous and carrots or peanut butter and apples! Keeping snacks interesting will make sure they're enjoyed through the week. 

And these small 1 cup dishwasher safe containers are super handy with measurements on the side to help make sure the portions are what you need. They're also big enough for small salads or yogurt parfaits. 

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