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Mobile Desk: Staying Organized When Your Dining Room Table Doubles as Your Desk

Working from home does not always mean that you have a home office. If you have limited space, you may need to "share" your office space with the kitchen island, the family room couch or the dining room table. If that is the case, it is important that you be able to quickly and easily convert from home space to office space and back again.

We've put together these suggestions on how to organize your office essentials in a way that makes you more productive at work, but can easily transition into happy family time.

Keep it Organized

While you can keep much of your work and supplies in your briefcase, the problem with making it your "mobile office" is that it will quickly get weighed down with items that you do not necessarily need to take with you when you are traveling or working from a coffee shop.

Our suggestion is to designate a shelf, drawer or basket as your mobile desk, so that you have a place to collect those items that you are finding you need to access quickly when you are working. If you consistently work from the same shared space (the dining room table, for example), you may find it more convenient to designate a close by cabinet or drawer as the out of site storage spot for your work things.  If you tend to locate in multiple spots throughout the house (and outside of it), a basket or storage bin is the most portable (including traveling to a local park or coffee shop). And if you are a true road warrior, you may want to designate a small suitcase as your mobile desk so you can easily take it on the road with you. As a bonus, it comes with wheels.

What to Include

What does a mobile desk need to include? Basically, anything that you need to access on a regular basis, but not including those items you are done with or need only occasionally.

  1. Laptop, mouse, power cord - the bare essentials, and yet how many times have you gotten to the opposite corner of the house only to realize you do not have a power cord?
  2. Back-up power source - ideally a solar powered one, so you always have power and are good to the planet.
  3. Extra phone charger, earbuds - it is worth the expense to have and extra set dedicated to your desk space. 
  4. Headphones - if you spend the bulk of your time on calls or video chats, you may want to invest in quality headphone set with built in microphone. Good audio is crucial to good communication.
  5. Brush, mirror - if you regularly to video calls, it is helpful to get a quick glimpse of yourself before the Skype group sees you.
  6. Pens/Pencils - of course. Get the mechanical pencils, though. Pencil points get beat up when traveling.
  7. Paper - we prefer dedicated notebooks. You should always have a few on hand in case you need to jot down some quick notes from a meeting or call.
  8. Spare pair reading glasses - again, worth the extra money to have a spare, especially if you need them for reading or computer work.
  9. Stapler - organization is everything when working with a mobile desk, so keep papers together even in a gentle breeze.
  10. File folders - don't cart your entire archives around with you, but keep the essentials organized and easy to access with colorful folders.
  11. Envelopes, stamps - you just never know when you will need to throw something in the mail. Some people still require actual paper.
  12. Business cards - we keep these everywhere; in the purse, the briefcase, the car, and the mobile desk. Because when your work success is based on good communications, you want everyone to know how to reach you.

Get Them Now 

These store items can help you organize your mobile desk and be more productive wherever you are working.


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