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New Year’s Pluck

No resolutions here, but instead a promise to myself to muster up the courage to do some things in 2019 that are outside my comfort zone. Yes, I also plan to eat better, stay active and stop procrastinating (except I’ve already blown that one by being a month late with my start of the year blog post).

What I want to do for my professional self is about more than just self discipline. It is about taking on some new challenges. I’m sharing my list in hopes that it will inspire others who work from home to break out of the comfort of our safe places and make more of an impact on the bigger world.

My New Year’s Pluck:

  • Join more online communities. I’ve worked in technology for over 20 years, been active in social media for over 10 years, and run a remote company for the past 5 years. And yet I still get intimidated by online communities and the technologies that run them. But connecting with others is an important part of my personal and professional growth, so I need to brave these new spaces.
  • Meet with a real live people. Professional networking, community engagement, political involvement and  helping others. All things I can do a better job of if I keep my eyes open for opportunities to connect with the people around me in a strategic and focused way.
  • Speak about a professional topic. In the past I was a frequent speaker at industry events and community groups. But since I’ve been working from home, I find myself less inclined to disrupt my routine for these professional gigs. It takes some work and some self promotion to put yourself in the spotlight like that, but what is the point of having all of this industry knowledge if I am not sharing it?

What challenges do you plan to tackle this year? I’d love to hear about the things you are doing that need a little extra pluck.

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