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Work From Home Gift Ideas

Remote workers face unique challenges managing their own office, creating their own inspiration and talking to themselves at the water cooler. You want to get them just the right gift to help them make the most of their situation. We've put together a few lists of work from home gift ideas based on the various types of remote work that folks are doing. 

Cheeky Remote Work Only Gift Ideas

A good place to start is this collection of home office gifts ideas designed with the remote worker in mind. These cheeky items speak to the joys of working on a snow day, the beauty of the 2 room commute and the fun of an office party-to-go.

  1. Go Away, I Can’t Spoil You Unless I Work poster, $26.00
  2. Remote Workers Do It at Home t-shirt, $22.50
  3. Save the Earth, Slipper to Work Socks, $16.50
  4. This Is My Office Party home office Christmas mug, $11.00
  5. Please Do Not Disturb, I am Disturbed Enough Already pillow, $34.49

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Digital Nomad Supplies

For those remote workers who do not have a permanent office space, but rather travel around the globe exploring the world as they earn a buck (or Euro or Yen or Peso). We’ve gathered a collection of on the go office supplies that will keep this wandering worker charged and productive as they make their way from workplace to workplace.

  1. Wireless Bluetooth Headphones, $52.90
  2. Solar Powered Charging Bank, $102.35
  3. USB HUB with Card Reader, $23.00
  4. Wireless Car Charger, $48.30
  5. Wireless Bluetooth Speaker LED Night Lamp, $40.23

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A Homey Home Office

There is no place like a home office. When you live and work from the same place each day, you want to make sure that it is a cozy and productive space. We’ve got many items to help make any remote worker’s home office a dream space.

  1. Rainbow Mandala Elephant Cushion Cover, $13.52
  2. Work/Life Agenda & Daily Calendar, $24.45
  3. Ultrasonic Humidifier Aroma Diffuser, $27.30
  4. Bamboo Iphone & Iwatch Charge Holder, $44.85
  5. Exercise Ball Desk Chair, $21.74

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Gift Certificates

Everyone loves to get them, no one wants to give them. But you can still make gift certificates a thoughtful and personal gift by finding the right fit for your remote working friend.

  1. Working Away, of course! Let your remote working friends choose for themselves what appeals to them.
  2. Gym membership, yoga studio or health store - staying healthy and active can be a challenge when working from home. Group sessions is a great motivator.
  3. Local coffee shop or restaurant - bonus points if you find a small local place rather than a big chain. But Starbucks works in a pinch.
  4. Airbnb - give the gift of travel to the person with the flexibility to do it.
  5. Best Buy Geek Squad - the tech support go-to team for many remote workers.

Still Can't Decide?

You can never go wrong letting your friends and family decide for themselves with the Working Away gift card. Give the gift of weekly updates, cheeky home decor and helpful productivity tools to anyone you know who works remotely.

Working Away Gift Card


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