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Work while working out!

Fitting in exercise while working from home should be easy - but let’s be honest, for a thousand different reasons, it isn’t always. You go straight from wake up to work and back again, filling any gaps with the inevitable interruptions working from home can throw your way (does laundry ever really get done?). But there are a few quick and easy way to work in movement throughout the day to help you stay on the right track. And since you’re working from home - there are options not available to those in the office. No need for locked office doors or worrying about your co-workers busting in mid workout.

Workout Breaks

A great way to fit in movement is to take advantage of those small pockets of time when you need a brain break. Workouts don’t have to be 30-45 minutes to count. Use a   5 minutes workout app to help stay active. A few quick minutes when you go get that second cup of coffee and a quick break before or after lunch will start to add up quickly! 

You can also keep some simple exercise gear tucked into a corner or desk drawer for some mini stretches or workouts. Keep some exercise bands, an ab roller or even a jump rope nearby so you can get your heart rate up while brainstorming your next team meeting.

Working at Your Desk

To keep things super simple you can also keeping moving while working by utilizing a simple peddler for your desk or work space. This small peddler let’s you stay active while still getting work done. Designed for low-impact workouts it’s a great way to stay moving all day long. It’s a small and fairly inexpensive way to stay fit.

And if you really want to up your activity level there are treadmill desks to keep you up and active all day long. These desks provide a gentle yet effective workout to keep you healthy both mentally and physically. While more expensive, it encourages a bigger commitment to your health and fitness.  

Whether it’s a quick workout or a low impact walk all day long, keep an open mind and you’ll be able to find something that works for your energy and budget needs.

If you are looking for something a little less strenuous, consider using a yoga ball as your desk chair. This is a great core body workout as the instability of the yoga ball forces your core muscles to continually work to balance your body. What feels like a bouncy seat is giving you great abs.

And lastly, if you are like us and just get too caught up in ploughing through your inbox to remember to stop for even a five minute break, you should consider getting a Fitbit activity watch. Fitbit keeps an honest record of just how much exercise your body is getting and gives you hourly reminders if you forget to get up and move around.

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