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About us


Pam and Melony in NYC

Working Away is the brainstorm of Pamela and Melony after many years of having lived and learned from the remote (working away) lifestyle. We are both parents, friends, spouses, entrepreneurs, volunteers, pet parents, food enthusiasts and much more! We’ve experienced first hand the ups and downs of working away full and part time while trying to work all those pieces of us into daily life. It’s a lifestyle that offers both amazing rewards and unexpected challenges.


Even though we both have over 10+ years experience working remotely in some form, we continue to run into new and unanticipated problems and realized that there are few frank resources for those of us trying to manage the work, family, friends, health, volunteer, etc... juggle that is daily life. And while we may not always have the perfect answer, we’re here to share the tips and tricks that make this lifestyle a little more healthy and productive for us. Our goal is to share what we’ve learned and are learning so that you can fully take advantage of the amazing benefits that working away has to offer. Whether you’re brand new to working away or been on this path for years, we look forward to sharing our experience so you can grow your own.